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To accelerate towards the dream, let’s GO together!

To accelerate towards the dream, let’s GO together!

On 29th September, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team of Tongji University made a cool move at the New 2015 Car Show in the Exhibition Hall at the New Energy Automotive Engineering Centre, Tongji University.

The mysterious ‘great body’ under that red cover

On 29th September, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team of Tongji University made a cool move at the New 2015 Car Show in the Exhibition Hall at the New Energy Automotive Engineering Centre, Tongji University. From under the red cover an entirely new TR15 racing car was unveiled——

The leaders of the School and the Car Racing Team unveil the car together, and the new TR15 racing car is released!

BOSCH car stickers are fixed to the TR15, to rev up the dream!

‘Winged Speed’ Team members escort the all new racing car to the School’s training track to show off the new car.

Steady steering by the driver and a faster lap time bring the Show to a perfect end, whilst at the same time opening up a whole new journey for the ‘Winged Speed’ Team.

“For design, manufacture, assembly and testing, from power tools to measuring tools, BOSCH is the best choice for our racing team.”

Those who dreamt of making a fast car

The ‘Winged Speed’ Team of Tongji University was the first of the three car racing teams to be set up in China. The Chassis Department, the Powertrain, the Electronic Controls Unit, the Body and Aerodynamics Section, the Business Management Department – all these five major departments, and over 120 people, just wanted to make a racing car that could with the wings of dream.

As a pioneer in the FASE University Formula SAE Competitive Programme for China, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team has designed and made at least one racing car per year. It has participated in eight successive Japanese University Formula SAE competitions as well as all five Chinese University Formula SAE competitions, often won.

In the 2015 Japanese competition, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team was placed 13th out of 86 car racing teams (and 77 petrol car teams), the best for any Chinese car racing team participating in foreign competitions.

Here is the ‘Winged Speed’ Team as seen through the eyes of its members:

And here is how they see their BOSCH power tools…

“BOSCH’s drills, angle grinders and laser rangefinders are absolutely essential weapons in our competition.”

“The flat sander is my favourite! It’s super-efficient to grind the tail of the racing car using Bosch sander. If I were to sand this myself using sandpaper, it would take me at least five times longer!”

“The cordless machines are really handy to use with no obstruction from wires, making screwing much easier.”

This is a contest of sophistication

Car racing is not only about speed and passion, it is also about precision engineering.

Every screw, every wire, every steel plate, every component in the little car’s body each has its unique role to play in maintaining the racing car’s vitality and cutting edge. That’s right, meticulous attention to detail in the laboratory can guarantee the perfect head start of a few tenths of a second in competitions.

Whether using an angle grinder to cut a board component, drilling with a drill, or polishing burrs with a sander, BOSCH power tools have been essential weapons in the ‘Winged Speed’ Team’s research and development programme. Every splashing of sparks and every pile of iron filings has been a contribution towards an unceasing ‘precision’.

一Let’s all appreciate the precision involved in the construction of the all new TR15!

We go hand in hand towards the dream

While you still talk about dreams, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team has already tasted the sweat and the sweetness of the chasing dreams.

While you regret about having no fellow travellers on the road, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team has already proven itself with action, has stayed up all night writing reports, has combined the new car’s components, and has found brotherhood in the roar of the engine during the test run.

While you are satisfied with stagnation, ease and comfort, the ‘Winged Speed’ Team has shown you the passion of constantly chasing breakthroughs in life.

While you are still using awkward tools without thinking, BOSCH has already thought of everything for you! Regardless of whether you build a dream racing car, or a grand mansion, or even construct a warm home, BOSCH power tools will always go hand in hand with you!

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