The exchange campaign: a success for both Bosch and its users!

In an emerging market like Africa, where the countries are developing fast and the demand is growing as fast, Bosch Power Tools is the pioneer in creating and supporting the business in the continent.

Demonstrating the company’s mind-set in Africa, Bosch power tool launched the “Exchange campaign”, targeting the african tradesmen and the contractors by encouraging them to convert from hand tools to Bosch power tools, and offering them the opportunity to witness by themselves the positive change that will occur in their daily work, once they try the Bosch power tool instead of their usual hand tool.

During the “Exchange campaign” period, Bosch power tools gifted its target customers the chance to buy the Bosch quality power tools with attractive discounts, allowing them therefore to participate in the raffle. Customers who bought their power tool during the campaign period were eligible to register in the company’s website for a chance to win a prize. One lucky winner was chosen randomly from the African countries that ran the campaign, and was given a cordless 18V rotary hammer (GBH 18 V-EC).

Congratulations once again to the lucky winner, M. Abderrahim BAHA from Meknes & thanks to all the participants!

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