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Bosch spare parts

Bosch offers you the appropriate spare parts for your tools, such as angle grinders or drills: from the armature, to the carbon brushes, through to the batteries and chargers.

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Abzarsara Co.
138 Sanaii St
Tehran 15866-45915
Phone: +9821-88813120
Fax: +9821-88301486
Email: Alireza.Ramzgooyan@abzarsara.com
Website: www.abzarsara.com


Sahba Technology Group
Al-Muthana Airport Road
Baghdad, Iraq
Tel. 1: +964 (0) 7 901 930366
Tel. 2: 00971555113816
Email: duraid@sahbatechnology.com
Website: http://www.sahbatechnology.com


Dallal Establishment for Power Tools
P.O. Box 1030
Aleppo, Syria
Phone 1: 00963212116083
Phone 2: 00963933887722
Email: rita.dallal@hotmail.com


Abualrejal Trading Corporation
Sana'a Zubiery St. Front to new Parliament Building
P.O.Box 17024
Sanaa - Republic of Yemen
Phone 1: 00967-1-202010
Phone 2: 00 9671272519
Email: tech-tools@abualrejal.com
Website: http://www.abualrejal.com/techTools.html

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