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Details for GAL 1830 W Wireless Charging Professional 
Part number 1 600 A00 4ZV
EAN code 3165140818452
GAL 1830 W Wireless Charging Professional comes complete with:
Item Included
Mounting frame for charger
Wireless charging charger GAL 1830 W 1 600 A00 4ZV
Tool features
Why this tool?
  • Enables you to work with only one battery
  • Flexible Power System – Charges all Bosch Wireless battery packs
  • Charger with practical mounting frame
Technical data
Specification overview
Charge current 3 A
No self-discharge, no memory effect No self-discharge, no memory effect
and a higher energy density thanks to Li-Ion battery technology
Always power ready! Always power ready!
Inductive charging allows charging through air and solid materials without any contacts. No need to take the battery off the tool, it is being charged automatically when placed on the charger
Metalworking Metalworking
The professional power tools for metalworking from Bosch.
Construction Construction
The professional power tools for construction from Bosch.
Woodworking Woodworking
The professional power tools for woodworking from Bosch.
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