Bosch Power Tools achieves production record
More than 50 million tools manufactured in 2016

Leinfelden – Drills, lawnmowers, laser measures – Bosch Power Tools achieves a production record in 2016: Over 50 million power tools roll off the production line this year – more than ever before. Statistically speaking, around 1.5 tools are manufactured every second. "Regardless of whether a customer is a DIY enthusiast or a tradesperson, or whether markets are industrialized or emerging – with our products, we always focus on users and their needs," explained Henning von Boxberg, President of Bosch Power Tools. "The increasing production figures show that our innovations are bringing us success."

Cordless tools are an important part of the product range. They enable the customer to work everywhere flexibly without inconvenient cables. At Bosch Power Tools, the proportion of the production volume made up by cordless tools continues to increase. Back in 2003, Bosch launched the world's first power tool to use lithium-ion battery: The Ixo. On average, more than one million of this small cordless screwdriver roll off the production line per year. It is manufactured in the Hungarian city of Miskolc. In total, more than 15 million Ixo have been produced since its market launch. Laid out next to each other, they would cover a distance of just under 2200 kilometers – the equivalent of a journey from Stuttgart to Miskolc and back

"We will continue to focus on cordless tools as a growth segment," stated Henning von Boxberg. This not only applies to products for DIY enthusiasts, such as the Ixo: This year, for instance, Bosch launched the world's first 10.8V cordless angle grinder for professionals. The small, handy tools are manufactured in Sebnitz, Saxony.

Bosch power tools are made and sold worldwide –apart from Germany also in other European countries, Asia, North and South America.

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