Construction Focus
Bosch strengthens commitment to Nigerian construction industry

The United Nations estimates that Nigeria has the 7th highest population worldwide with some 192 million people residing in Nigeria of which 47.8% reside in urban areas, it is also estimated that the Nigerian population has doubled in the past 20 years placing higher demands for housing. Infrastructure is key for socio-economic transformation of the country.

The construction industry faces the challenge of meeting the demand of implementing world-class infrastructure in accommodate the economic development of Nigeria with the added constraint of provision of housing to a growing population.

The objectives of the event were to:
Properly position PT Nigeria in the booming construction industry
Present our unique “solutions” that are of high German standards to our guests
Build the confidence of our guest as we offer one stop shop to all their HD needs

The event commenced with a brief presentation of sales development of Bosch Group in 2016 by PT/SNG
Participants were presented with the “solutions” of Bosch PT in the construction industry
Our solutions were clustered into the hammers, wood work, concrete and measuring instruments segments.
Within these segments, tools and matching accessories were explained by our expert trainer Peter Du Bruyn

Turnout was only aimed at the VIPs of the construction industry in Nigeria and feedback after the event have been extremely positive.

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