A new dimension
of power

The Bosch ProCORE18V battery series

our most powerful batteries ever.
A new dimension of power for all Bosch Professional 18V power tools: the ProCORE18V batteries 4.0Ah, 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah - our most powerful batteries ever, thanks to the latest cell technology and superior heat management.

All the power of a conventional battery – but without the weight.

Ideal for all drilling and screwdriving applications where a lower weight comes in handy: The latest cell technology of the ProCORE18V 4.0Ah delivers just as much power as a standard 4.0 Ah battery, despite being lighter and up to 39% more compact than comparable batteries of its class¹.

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The perfect balance between weight and power.

Whenever you need high power over a long period: The ProCORE18V 8.0Ah delivers outstanding performance despite its compact size – comparable to corded tools of up to 1600 W.

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The proof is out – achieve more with the ProCORE18V

Bosch Cordless gws 18v-125 sc 6 3ah dyn
faster material removal.²
Bosch Cordless gsr 18v-85 c dyn
more holes.³
Bosch_Cordless gbh 18v-26 hd dyn
more holes.⁴

Maximum performance and runtime.

When you need to get every ounce of power out of your tools to complete extreme applications: Thanks to the triple-layered cell structure of the ProCORE18V 12.0Ah, you can work with maximum power for an exceptionally long time. For performance as powerful as that of corded tools.

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IN 9 MIN. 50%⁷

Get back to work faster than ever thanks to the world charging champion GAL 18V-160 C Professional.

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¹ vs. competitors in the high-power battery class (ProCORE18V 4.0Ah: 423 cm3; Metabo LiHD 4.0Ah: 540 cm3; DeWalt DCB204 4.0Ah 575 cm3; Milwaukee M18 B4 4.0Ah: 693 cm3)

² ProCORE18V 8.0Ah vs. GBA 18V 6.0Ah. Application: Two-minute metal edge grinding with GWS 18V-125 SC, ceramic grit wheel (2 608 601 502).

³ ProCORE18V 8.0Ah vs. GBA 18V 6.0Ah. Application: Drilling holes in a 10x10 cm piece of softwood using a 32 mm spade bit.

 ProCORE18V 8.0Ah vs GBA 18V 6.0Ah. Application: Drilling a hole 25 mm in diameter using the SDS-plus; C30/37 concrete.

⁵ Bosch ProCORE18V 8.0Ah vs Bosch GBA 18V 6.0Ah (continuous current, ProCORE18V 7.0Ah: 90A vs GBA 18V 6.0Ah: 48A)

 Versus competitors in the high-power battery class (ProCORE18V 8.0Ah: 555 cm3; MetaboLiHD 7.0Ah: 772 cm³; Dewalt FlexVolt 18V 9.0Ah / 54V 3.0Ah: 1102 cm³; Milwaukee M18 Redlithium High Demand 9.0Ah: 942 cm³)

 As of May 2019. It takes 9 minutes to charge the ProCORE18V 4,0Ah to 50% with GAL 18V-160 C (in Power Boost Mode).