Bosch 18v wetvac 10 Litre Hoover

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I am now on my 3rd bosch 18v wetvac 10L hoover. I am a plumber and mainly use it for water sucking only.

I find that for some reason, and I cant figure out why. But the hoover seems to pulsate and eject a load of water out of the exhaust vent (in peoples houses ��) i dont know why and I cant find an answer for it. When it happens it sounds like an electrical fault.

surely if the filter is blocked or the water level is too high the hoover should just shut off, not eject a load of water all over the floor....

i really need this hoover to work, great size, great accesories etc. It just keeps failing on me. I have the 2nd brand new replacement in my hallway ready to use but I am scared the same thing will happen.

i would really appreciate some feedback from bosch or anyone who has used one.

Many Thanks