Bosch GAS25 - Can I swap the 35mm connector?

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I run x2 GAS25 vacuum/extractors, the machines are fine (apart from the expensive bags) however I'm having increasing problems connecting to some/newer Bosch tools when using as a dust extractor, as the 35mm hose connector has a different inner diameter and does not connect. Trying to get relevant information about the correct adapter to source is proving v difficult. It's and irritating problem and I wish Bosch would decide on universal connection sizes and have done) or at least tell me which adapters are necessary in the manual.

So my thought was to simply replace the black rubber hose end connector with the newer version on the GAS35 (red and black) which does seem to fit tools such as the GSS160 sander. I'm assuming this is a simple 35mm screw into the flexible hose type arrangement, but before I spend the £25 does anyone know if it will connect and if the proposed replacement (Bosch 2608000585) does fit most tools.

While on the subject am I the only done who finds the extension tubes/handle have never had a tight fit and fall out?