Bosch GOF 1600 CE collet and Bosch GKS9 bore size wrongly listed?

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Hi, new to the community here. Currently I am living in Pakistan, I approached the local distributor here for a router and handheld circular saw. The GOF 1600 CE router they had come with a 12mm collet. I was looking for a 12.7mm (1/2 inch collet). I found the part number 2608570108. On the collet page it lists GOF 1600 CE as a compatible machine for this. When I look up the part number on the parts portal, I only see GOF 1200, 1300CE and 1400CE as compatible machines for this. Is there an error somewhere?

On the website the saw blade bore diameter listed for this circular saw is 25.4mm. When I read the user manual, it was listed as 30mm. The blade max diameter is 235mm I was looking at the EXTRA blades for woodworking, they are compatible with 235mm and 30mm bore circular saws.

For the life of me, I couldn't find a vacuum adapter/dust extraction cover for the place where the chips come out from. I found one for GKS 235 turbo 1619P01627 but nothing for the GKS9.

GKS 235 turbo was the other available circular saw. That has a bore size of 25.4mm, would probably require rings to fit.

Am I going crazy over these minor details? The bits I have are from bitsbits in USA, they are all 1/2 inch size, they don't fit in the 12mm collet. Is there a work around for that? I appreciate any help anyone can offer.