Bosch GST 160 BCE

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Jigsaw GST 160 BCE..................trying to repair this for a's been to 2 seperate toolrepair workshops both supposedly dealing with Bosch equipment
The saw originally just stopped working then after sometime would start working again for a short time before stopping again.
Trigger switch and speed governor have been replaced but I have to say the state of the internal wiring had to be seen to be believed with many wires obviously having been trapped between the 2 halves of the casing
I've checked continuity through each of these 'squashed' wires which suprisingly was OK and fitted them back in the channels and stops that keep these wires in the correct position.
Not personally seeing how all the wiring was routed originally from the factory I can not be sure I've now routed them as ex factory but i can be sure that they definitely aren't being 'squashed' now.
Having reassembled the saw I connected to power, switched on and hey presto saw starts but only for a short while so we're back where we started
I have to say I know of 2 other users of this model saw and both of them have had similar problems. Is there an issue with this model??