buying !! a Bosch GTC400c any thoughts
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hi most of my work is home repairs renovation and problem fixing and generally other peoples stuff ups and im looking for some user info on the Bosch GTC400c thermal imager as ive been asked so many times by customers regaurding heat loss and advice and because 80 % of my work is fixing other peoples mistakes and repairs and about 70% of the my investgative work is going in blind to the problems and not wanting to make the same mistakes and also since insulation is such a hot or cold topic and knowing that the foil covered type blankets and sheet insulation throw up all sorts of wrong and very misguiding results its becoming a pain in the behind as your looking like an amateur when it all goes wrong especially when it comes to pipework and cables but the foil is putting a blanket over any results the detectors (not thermal) shows or doesn't and im wondering if this tool is worth getting to reduce misdiagnosed problems and  eliminating costs for customers and myself. I also know it comes with an extended 3 year warranty once registered but ive seen on hear other people having problems with the warranty when it comes to electronic gizmos and not being covered so any info on that would be good thanks