DIY or blue power tools?

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I started with the Bosch Green Range then found I could buy the Blue tools at a great price on-line and have since sold them ;p. The Blue Tools even the 10.8 ones are way heavier than the Green's, I guess due to their having better metal innards. For me the Bosch L-Boxx is excellent for storing them and accessories (though you can't put a load in them). I have a lot of the 10.8 range and some from the 18V range. I love being able to choose the approriate tool for the job, just today I started installing Conti loft panels in the attic crawl-space and used my trusty GSB 10.8-2-LI to drill out countersink and pilot holes and then drive in 8mm screws. Also used the 18V VariLED to light up the work-area. Worked great as the access up there is terrible. Being cordless is essential, the nightmare of dragging up an extension lead and getting it wrapped round my legs, forget it! I was seriously considering DeWalt as a local builder showed me a few of them, but I was put off by how chunky and long they were, the Bosch drills are really slick and stream-lined/compact heads. Also the DeWalt website is truly horrible, it feels like some A-Level Student's IT Project, and very slow. So long as Bosch keep their high quality and elegant designs I am a Happy Chappy :)