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After purchasing a new GST 18V-LI S jigsaw I went to the accessories page to look for a dust extraction kit and steel base plate, I was given part numbers of 2 605 510 301 for the dust extraction kit and 2 601 098 123 for the base plate, after purchasing these 2 items and upon delivery I found that they would not fit, the dust extraction hood was no where near compatible with the jigsaw S model and the base plate IF forced on was far too tight to remove without a hammer, after contacting Bosch customer service department I was told to send them the "unused" jigsaw and accessories for them to examine, WHY they did not just get the same jigsaw and accessories from one of there departments is beyond me, unless they thought that I was incapeable of fitting the accessories myself in the correct way.
After a week or so I was told that they were replacing the jigsaw with a new one, the original was unused so I thought that this was very strange, upon the new jigsaws arrival I found it to be the B model, ( I could have purchased this model for £25 less), Bosch DID NOT return the dust extraction kit or base plate, after SIX emails I was sent the dust extraction kit, THREE more emails before the base plate was dispatched, NO EXPLANATION as to why I was given the wrong information in the first place OR why a different jigsaw was sent to me. NO GESTURE OF GOODWILL OR APOLOGIES for the inconvenience and costs incurred by this mess of a website, I have been a loyal Bosch user for OVER 5 DECADES and until recently have had no cause to worry however since the "update" to the website or "changeover" as I was told this website is a total mess, for example try searching for a 1 600 A01 6LJ spirit level and you will find a battery!!!!!. a child could have designed a better way of listing items.
My complaining is now complete and I will have to consider purchasing tools from a different manufacturer should these website problems not be sorted out.