GKS 18V LI, Does anyone use ProCore Batteries with GKS 18V LI?

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I've got GKS 18V LI, which is quite good actually, and working very well at the moment.
However, I happened to learn that I can't use ProCore Batteries with this particular saw 
and, I watched a YouTube video saying "Contact Bosch and they can handle ...", which, unfortunately, I forgot the link to the video.
So I contacted the Customer Service in South Korea, but they even had  no idea of the issue, so no answer at all.
What I would like to know is that, if ANYONE has GKS 18V LI modified by Bosch for ProCore Batteries?
Funny thing is that Bosch Korea asked me to get the link of the video I watched, but I can't rememeber or find.
They advertise that Procore Batteries are totally compatible with power tools produced after 2008. 
But, you know, GKS 18V LI doesn't house the ProCore Batteries and that is not good, both Bosch and me, or maybe you?
Additionally, Bosch Korea told me that they'd never heard of this kind of request or inquiry. 

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