Why the different professional range

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Hi Bob,

Have been looking at the Bosch Professional range and it seems that you have 3 categories from the Lite, Dynamic and Robust.
When looking for tools it is not always clear from model numbers as to which range they belong.
Why the 3 categories?
Used to be DIY Green and Professional Blue.
Is the Blue lite version the same as DIY green.
Is there difference in performance of the Lite version and the Robust or is it just that you can drop the robust from a higher height and it would survive better.

There really should be a clearer indicator in the model number so that you can make an informed choice as to which range you are buying.

Look forward to your response.


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The Green range don't have the 3-year extended warranty Bosch give once you register the tool/charger/battery on their website.

Blue lite 10.8V aren't the same as the green range 10.8V, there is more of them and the green batteries aren't inter-changeable with the Blue 10.8's.

The 3 ranges differ largely in their power output, so 10.8V range are more suitable for smaller tasks or working in confined areas, 18V are the middle of the road tools giving you more power while 36V range are the most powerful of the cordless tools. Some of these give you the same power as their corded versions.
Robust tools are designed to take a greater beating, also dropping any power tool from height is not a good idea ;p

Model no's - GSR means the tool is drive and drill, while GSB means its these and hammer mode.

Buying the tools is way cheaper when you get the bare tool and a few batteries and charger, then you can store them in a toolbag or get the Bosch cases quite cheaply. Easy to build up a good toolset - I use mostly the 10.8's and a few 18V's. Well worth getting the 10.8V 2.0Ah & 18V 4.0Ah batteries as these last a good time .

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 Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the quick response and your information with regards to the green and the blue light series along with the difference between GSR and GSB.
I understand about the 3 year guarantee as I have other Bosch tools but not cordless.
I am still finding the model number confusing for example if you look at the Cordless combi
GSB 18 V-LI Professional and compare the three listed models you can see that there are differences in performance and weight, despite them all being part of the dynamic series and of course the same model numbers. This is my concern that if I buy one of these online how will I know whether I am getting the less performance model or the higher performance model. There really should be a clearer system to not only show the series they belong to but also by something in the model number such as L D R for the different series they belong to and and additional number to indicate whether it is a newer model.

Thank you once again for your response.

Much appreciated.


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I see what you're saying mate - and you're right as it is messy - Bosch have the same model 'GSB 18V-LI Pro' listed 3x's even though its the exact identical combi but with 3 different battery options - 1.3,3 & 4.0Ah - each of these gives different performance results with the newest 4.0Ah battery the best performer.

Logically their website should have the base model 'GSB 18V-LI' and sub-divide the package options as 'bare-tool', '2x1.3Ah', '2x3.0Ah', '2x4.0Ah' packs.

You can buy the bare tool as its the cheapest option and use any of your existing Blue 1.3, 2.6, 3.0 or 4.0Ah battery packs, or if you're building up your power tool set, get the tool with its 136 case, charger and 2 4.0Ah batteries, I like buying from FFX imho.

The 4.0Ah 18V batteries last a long time for driving and drilling and you need ~2 of them. The 2.0Ah 10.8V batteries makes my trusty GSB 10.8-2-LI combi last a noticeably longer time, currently drilling holes in concrete flaunching prior to taking it out :)

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks again for the response.
I thought I was being daft and missing something.
I note that the difference in performance is down to the batteries which I did not know so thanks for that.
I just thought that the batteries just lasted longer depending on Amp Hour.
Now I understand that they are the same tool I can look at the best way to make a purchase.
I like the idea of buying bare tools to save money and get a charger and batteries.
I see that in the USA you can buy a starter kit which gives you a 4.0ah battery and charger for $99.00 but have not found a starter kit on UK sites.
I see you are really pleased with your GSB 10.8 so will see if I can check them out as I did not think they would be any good (Haven't tried it) because of the 10.8v.
As for FFX I came across them at a tool show at Blue Water Shopping centre earlier this year and bought my new GOP 250 so will check them out online.

I live in Jersey so despite not having to pay VAT (hooray but do have 5% GST) sometimes the shipping cost can be prohibitive.

Our local Bosch supplier does seem to have the great deals that are available online.

I have learnt alot.

Thank you once again.



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" Is there difference in performance of the Lite version and the Robust  "  

Yes. For example  18v GSB drills

LightSeries         GSB 18-2-LI , " cheapest"  low weight,low torque 18/39nm , speed 0-400/0-1350rpm, 
10mm plastic chuck etc ( for very light use,small screws,drills)

DynamicSeries   GSB 18 V-LI , torque 23/60nm, speed  0-500/0-1700rpm, 13mm plastic chuck

RobustSeries     GSB 18 VE-2-LI , "Heavy Duty Class"   The biggest motor,also the highest impact force, electronic motor protection,durashield housingt.This hammerdrill/drill/driver can handle virtually any hole-drilling or fastening job. High torque 38/85 nm ,speed 0-420/0-1800rpm  , a side handle,13mm metal chuck (No tungsten-carbide jaws,why Bosch?)  

But why 3 different blue series + green series ? I think too much.

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I used the 'RobustSeries GSB 18 VE-2-LI' to drill into a tree stump with a 32mm Irwin Speedbor MAX bit, it was so powerful it literally pulled itself into the stump, got stuck and almost broke my wrists with that 'high reaction torque', I think the ECP saved me as the tool stopped quickly ;-p Its a beast for sure and looks awesome with its silver chuck!
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Hi Forest1,

Thanks for the info on the difference in performance of the ranges and the numbers.

I now see that the VE-2 LI is the robust and the V-Li is Dynamic.

It is still not easy to look up all tools in the Light, Dynamic or Robust Range.

It would be easier if you could look up all tools in the Dynamic Range or all tools in the Robust Range in one go rather than searching through each tool.

Also note that the 10.8v does not conform to any of these Ranges. ( May be in the future?)

I wonder if the other manufactures will do the same or just keep it straight forward.

Bosch should know that if they want customers they should make it easy for customers to do business with them.

Thank you for the info.