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Never used a worm drive saw myself. I found one (Skill) at an auction house once that had been converted for UK use with a 110v plug. One thing I will say is they do look cool. I also thought it looked like a bit of a lump so didn't bid on it.
They obviously have a few fans on this thread but, practically speaking, I can't see they'd offer any substantial benefit over the standard "sidewinder" circular saws.
I understand the cut line/line of sight point but it's never been that big of an issue for me. I use dust extraction pretty much all the time and walk with the saw on a long rip - something you still have to do with a worm drive. Accuracy is important in my line of work so my saws pretty much always run on a track too - once set, line sight isn't so important. In the workshop, long rips are done on the pannel saw.
I see someone in the thread mentioned timber framing as an area where worm drives are more useful. Again, I'm struggling with that one too. I've construced many timber frames and prefabs. Accuracy of angle and a good square cut is paramount. I wouldn't use a circular saw, worm or side drive for that. Even for wooden stud work I think I'd still just use the mitre saw (certainly used to onsite).
I've watched a few YT videos and again, whilst they look cool, I couldn't see any benefit I'd have in the joinery and bespoke work I do.
Perhaps you have to have used one to understand?