Drill Bit Sets

Diamond Wet Drill Bit Set, Robust Line, 4-piece

For rotary drills/drivers

  • Highly robust and wear-resistant high-class diamond coating for extended usage
  • Use with water-cooling and do not drill in impact mode


Hard tiles
Soft tiles
Hard stone
Soft stone
Roof felt
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£204.64 Including VAT

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4-piece Robust Line diamond wet drill bit set 6 - 14 mm 2 607 019 880
£204.64 Including VAT

Long Life for HardCeramics

Diamond Wet Drill Bit delivers long life when drilling hard ceramics

  • Use with water-cooling and do not drill in impact mode
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Variant Overview

Available product variations: 1

Part number Diameter mm Working length mm Total length mm Set dimension(s) mm Pack quantity Price
2 607 019 880 6.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 / 14.0 35 / 35 / 35 / 35 65 156.5 x 69.5 x 23 4 Pcs £204.64

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Frequently asked questions

Use the highest possible RPM on your angle grinder. Start with an angle of about 45 degrees and reduce the angle slowly towards the tile until flat. Wiggling the tool can help. We also recommend practicing on a spare workpiece before. A bit of practice with the drill should help you find the right technique.

DrySpeed products are only compatible with angle grinders. Products like EasyDry were developed for use with power drills.

Diamond drill bits are suitable for ceramic, hard tiles and stone as displayed on the packaging. You shouldn't use them when drilling in concrete or metal.

DrySpeed drills can drill holes into materials with the thickness up to 35mm.

We recommend using the highest RPM, you don't need to adjust it.

DrySpeed drills bits are intended for dry applications. You should not use wet cooling with products which have the ‘no water’ pictogram.

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