The best your tool can get.

The best your tool can get.

Discover the new top performance accessory range.

What is Bosch EXPERT?

The new Bosch EXPERT range features the best and most innovative power tool accessories, offering proven performance advantages to ensure the most efficient working for the depending professional. The EXPERT range will be rolled out by our dealers over the coming months.

Maximum performance on every job

An expert accessory for every job

Whatever your trade and whatever challenge you face. EXPERT accessories ensure top performance. Achieve efficient working and profitability. Upgrade your power tools to the class you deserve.

Each EXPERT product has a clear benefit - and we can prove it
Discover EXPERT

Want to learn more about EXPERT working? Try our interactive pages to explore the advantages EXPERT can offer and understand the technologies behind our innovative accessories.

EXPERT Challenger
Welcome to Expert working.
Welcome to Expert working.