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Bluetooth EXACT Service

The Bluetooth EXACT cordless screwdriver system thinks for itself. The BT-EXACT screwdrivers take their commands from the EXAConnecT controller, which stores the work progress in real time. The system can talk to and take commands from external devices like a PLC, barcode scanner or host network if desired.

Improve your assembly process and never forget to drive a screw again. Quality control with cordless screwdrivers: Higher production quality due to Bluetooth EXACT.

Bluetooth EXACT System
Download the installation and operating instructions

Firmware Download EXAConnect I
Firmware for Profibus and Bosch protocol
New firmware with advanced functions

Firmware Download EXAConnect II
New firmware with advanced functions

Download status codes
Download service tool

BlueTooth EXACT cordless screwdrivers

What nobody can see is that the Bosch Bluetooth EXACT cordless screwdriver or wrench thinks for itself, in order to assure quality. Even while you are screwdriving, it is documenting the work progress. Together with the Bluetooth EXAConnecT base station, the Bosch Bluetooth system software and an on-site host network already in place.

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