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Smart Deals and Innovation

Smart Deals and Innovation

Get the latest in innovation for Professional power tools with Bosch connectivity modules.
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It’s in your hands. Bosch Professional.

Get amazing offers and extras when you buy selected professional power tools from Bosch.

We have multiple offers on professional power tools ranging from our world first 12V Router or our GSB 18 V-60 C EC with connectivity there is something for everyone. Please claim against the correct part number to ensure your claim is successful.

GHO 12 V- 20 Professional (06015A7070)

GKF 12 V-8 Professional (06016B0072)

GOP 30-28 Professional Multi-Cutter plus Accessories (0601237061/0601237071)

GSB 18-2-LI Plus Professional with free 49-piece Premium Drill and Driver Bit Set (0615990K0X)

GSB 18 V-60 C EC Professional & GDX 18 V-EC Professional Twinpack with free activity tracker (0615990J8B)

GBH 18 V-26 F Professional Rotary Hammer (0611910077)

4pc Multi-Construction Bit Set (2608595362)

GBH 2-26 F Professional plus Accessories (06112A4060 / 06112A4070)

GBH 2-28 F Professional plus Gedore set (0611267671 / 0611267662)

GBH 5-40 DCE Rotary Hammer plus Accessories (0615990J8V)

GSH 5 CE Professional Breaker plus Accessories (0611267671 / 0615990J8W)

GSH 11 VC Professional Breaker plus Accessories (0615990J81)

GLL 3-80 C Professional Laser Level with Gedore set (06159940KL)

GLL 3-80 CG Professional Laser Level with Gedore set (06159940KK)

GTC 400 C Professional Thermal Imaging Camera (0611910077)

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Tool sizes in the above images are for illustration purposes only. Always check the technical specifications before you buy any tool.