BOSCH Starlock with the new 3D mount for woodworks

Starlock – the New BOSCH Multi Tool

Tighten up and power up

Switch to Starlock for a new dimension in powerful versatility

Starlock: say goodbye to OIS.

Starlock: 3D accessory mounting – 100%
power transfer efficiency.

Starlock: better performance and longer life.

Starlock: the most versatile multi-cutter accessory system ever.

What is Starlock?

Starlock is a superior oscillating multi-tool system whose key benefits stem from much firmer accessory attachment. Its 3D mounting interface increases power transfer and enables a greater range of applications. In simple terms, the 3D shape of a Starlock accessory’s base plugs very tightly into a correspondingly shaped socket in the Starlock-compatible tool.

Why upgrade to Starlock?

Starlock’s tighter-locking 3D interface is a massive improvement on the old OIS mounting system, whose pins are looser and break more easily. Its main advantages are:

  • 100% power transfer – for higher speed, effectiveness, precision and energy efficiency.
  • Longer-lasting tools and accessories.
  • Greater versatility with a wider high-quality accessory range.
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Oscillating multi-tools use a rapid side-to-side motion which allows accurate, highly controlled cutting, grinding, scraping and sanding – often in confined spaces which a rotating tool cannot reach. Each Bosch Professional model is ergonomically designed for comfortable, effective and versatile operation in a variety of tricky situations. A choice of power and equipment levels is offered to match the demands of different users.
Bosch GOP 12 V-28 Professional Multi-tool
(Cordless, entry-level)

This handy 12 V cordless multi-tool is the most compact problem solver in the range.

  • Weight just 1 kg.
  • Smallest grip circumference in the market.
  • Advanced brushless EC motor for performance comparable to corded tools.
  • Applications include solid wood plunge cutting, door frame and furniture fitting, surface removal in narrow gaps, electrical installation and drywall cutting.

Note: this model does not feature snap-in accessory change.

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Bosch GOP 18 V-28 Professional Multi-tool
(Cordless, mid-range)

Uses Starlock and Starlock Plus accessories.

The latest brushless EC motor technology gives this 18 V multi-tool comparable power to a corded machine – but with cordless freedom.

  • Compact and low in weight (1.6 kg).
  • Snap-in accessory changing.
  • LED light.
  • Applications include plunge cutting in solid wood, fitting new flooring under door frames, furniture fitting and surface removal in narrow gaps.
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Bosch GOP 30-28 Professional Multi-tool
(Corded, mid-range)

This relatively inexpensive 300 W corded multi-tool is a real all-round problem solver, compatible with a wide range of accessories.

  • Compact design.
  • Small grip circumference.
  • Low weight (1.5 kg).
  • Easy handling even in overhead tasks.
  • Applications include plunge cutting, other wood-based jobs, and cutting through metal pipes and nails.

Note: this model does not feature snap-in accessory change.

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Bosch GOP 40-30 Professional Multi-tool
(Corded, mid-range)

With its powerful 400 W motor and user-friendly features, this corded multi-tool’s performance and specification offer a perfect balance.

  • Compact and lightweight (1.5 kg).
  • Snap-in accessory changing.
  • LED light.
  • Applications include plunge cutting in solid wood, fitting new flooring under door frames, adjustments and cut-outs for utility boxes, and surface renovation.
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Bosch GOP 55-36 Professional Multi-tool
(Corded, top-of-the-range)

For the ultimate in performance and versatility, choose this top-of-the-range 550 W multi-tool – the most powerful in its class.

  • Robustly built and easy to handle.
  • Low weight (1.6 kg).
  • Small grip circumference.
  • Snap-in accessory changing.
  • Applications include heavy-duty and high-draw tasks like window restoration, metalworking and work on construction materials such as concrete.
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Explore the accessories

Accessories from the three Starlock performance classes are easily distinguished from each other by the different 3D interface patterns on their bases. They are also clearly marked as Starlock, Starlock Plus or Starlock Max.

Starlock accessories come in a choice of three grades:

for everyday use

Starlock blades and other accessories cover the most common applications, such as plunge cutting, sanding and grout removal

Standard Speed

Standard Cutting Depth

for deeper cutting

Starlock Plus offers longer blades for deeper plunge cuts

+25% Speed

+20% Cutting Depth

Heavy Duty
for the toughest applications

Starlock Max provides for the heaviest of duties and includes some even longer blades

+100% Speed

+50-100% Cutting Depth

See which Starlock accessory levels are compatible with each Bosch multi-tool.
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Colour coding

Clear colour coding allows you to scan your toolbox and quickly spot the appropriate Starlock accessory for each task – even in poor light.

Multi Material
Grout and Abrasive
Wood and Metal
Advanced blade technologies

There are Starlock options for every situation – and for the most demanding tasks you can choose accessories with the following advanced technologies.

Backwards compatibility

The everyday Starlock accessories are backwards compatible with OIS multi-tools, so you might like to start collecting them even if you are still using your old machine. (This does not apply to the heavier duty Starlock Plus and Starlock Max accessories.) If you are not yet ready to move up to a Bosch multi-tool, you can still buy new Starlock accessories for the following Starlock-compatible machines from other manufacturers:

Compatible with the following tools:


GOP 12V-28, GOP 18V-28, GOP 30-28, GOP 40-30, GOP 55-36, GOP 10.8 V-Li, PMF 220 CE, PMF 250 CES, PMF 350 CES


Fein MultiMaster, Fein Multitalent, Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, AEG, Einhell, Ryobi, Skil

Compatible with the following tools:


GOP 30-28, GOP 18V-28, PMF 350 CES, GOP 55-36, GOP 40-30


Fein MultiMaster, Fein Multitalent

Compatible with the following tools:


GOP 55-36

Please note that OIS accessories cannot be used on multi-tools specifically designed for Starlock, such as the new Bosch range.

Snap-in accessory change

Simply press the accessory onto the multi-tool and it will snap into place. Pull the silver quick-release lever on the tool and the accessory will be ejected. Exchanges can be made in less than 3 seconds.

This feature is available on the following machines

GOP 18 V-28, GOP 40-30, GOP 55-36

(On the other models, magnets in the tool holder keep the accessory in place while the retaining Allen bolt is tightened with an Allen key.)

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