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CYL-9 NaturalStone Drill Bit
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CYL-9 NaturalStone Drill Bits

The CYL-9 NaturalStone Drill Bit is the standard choice for drilling natural stones

  • Carbide plate features sharp diamond-ground cutting edges for robust, impact-resistant drilling
  • PGM guarantee in compliance with tight tolerances, exactly drilled holes and firm hold of fixings
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Product descriptions

The CYL-9 NaturalStone Drill Bit is the standard choice for drilling natural stones. In order to provide robust, impact-resistant drilling, its carbide plate features sharp diamond-ground cutting edges. This drill bit is intended for use on natural and artificial stone, granite, marble and limestone. It is compatible with both corded and cordless non-impact drills with a cylindrical shank system.

As proof of quality, the drill bit bears the test mark of the PGM Masonry Drill Bit Association Board, guaranteeing compliance with tight tolerances, exact drilling and the firm hold of fixings. It is made in Germany.


Product range

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4 Available product variations
Part number Diameter (D) mm Working length (L1) mm Total length (L2) mm Pack quantity Price
2 608 589 546
6.00 60 100 1 Pcs
2.60 USD
2 608 589 547
8.00 80 120 1 Pcs
3.30 USD
2 608 589 539
7.00 60 100 1 Pcs
2.90 USD
2 608 589 550
6.00 90 150 1 Pcs
3.40 USD

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