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Extra Hard Screwdriver Bit Set, 35-Piece

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Extra Hard Wood Drill and Screwdriver Bit Sets, 35-Piece

The Extra Hard Screwdriver Bit is a good choice for universal use

  • S2 Modified Steel and an optimised heat treatment process results in extra-hard quality for adequate performance
  • Screwdriver bits composed of S2 Modified Steel for extra-hard quality and a strong performance in all tasks
  • CYL-3 drill bits for a lasting performance in abrasive materials such as concrete and natural stone
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Product descriptions

The Extra-Hard Screwdriver Bit Set, 35-Piece is a good choice for universal use. This complete set contains accessories for important drilling and screw-driving applications. The screwdriver bits are composed of S2 Modified Steel and an optimised heat treatment process, which provides an extra-hard quality that delivers a strong performance for all tasks. All bits are colour-coded for quick viewing and identification of the appropriate bit type. Furthermore, the set contains HSS (high-speed steel) drill bits for precise results in soft and hard wood. These extremely sharp drill bits with a centring tip allow for accurate hole positioning. They have a 1/4-inch external hex shank for use with screwdrivers and drill drivers. The drill bits feature cylindrical shank systems for all corded or cordless impact drills.

The Extra Hard Screwdriver Bit Set, 35-Piece comes in a practical and robust storage box providing a good view of its contents as well as safe storage and transport. The set contains: PH1, PH2, PH3 PZ1, PZ2, PZ3 S 3/4/5/6 HEX 3/4/5/6 TH10, TH15, TH20 (2x), TH25, TH27, TH30, TH40 Nutsetter 6/8/10 mm HSS 2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/8.0 mm Double blade PH2/PZ2 Double blade Th20/Th25

The set contains different lengths and types of bits for various screw types and nutsetters for hex screws. Also included are a magnetic universal holder and a universal holder with quick-change function.

Product range

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1 Available product variations
Part number Set contents Length mm Pack quantity
2 607 017 327
PH1‏، PH2‏، PH3‏ / PZ1‏، PZ2‏، PZ3ً‏ / S 3/4/5/6 / HEX 3/4/5/6 / TH10‏، TH15‏، TH20 ‏(2x)‏، TH25‏، TH27‏، TH30‏، TH40‏ / لقمة ربط الصامولة 6‏/8‏/10 مم / HSS 2,0/3,0/4,0/5,0/6,0/8,0 مم / نصل مزدوج PH2‏/PZ2 / نصل مزدوج Th20‏/Th25 25 / 25 / 25 / 25 / 25 / 50 / 67; 72; 87; 97; 102; 112 / 60 / 60 1 Pcs

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