Wire Brushes for Drills

Fine Finish on Steel

Wire Cup Brush, Crimped Wire, Brass-Coated
1.10 KWD

Product highlights

Wire Cup Brushes, Crimped Wire, Brass-Coated

Wire Cup Brush for an extra-fine surface finish

  • Brass-coated crimped wire for light-to-medium-duty cleaning applications
  • Suitable for removing coatings, rust and paint on small-to-medium steel and non-ferrous metal surfaces
  • Suitable for roughing, mat sanding, paint stripping, cleaning formwork boards. Brass-coated wires provide corrosion protection
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Product descriptions

The Wire Cup Brush delivers an extra-fine surface finish. This Wire Cup Brush is fitted with brass-coated crimped wire for light-to-medium-duty cleaning applications. It is suitable for removing coatings, rust and paint on small-to-medium steel and non-ferrous metal surfaces. This brush is also suitable for roughing, mat sanding, and paint stripping, as well as cleaning formwork boards and facings on metal and wood. It is intended for use with drills

The brass-coated wires on the brush provide protection against corrosion. Brush wires are available in different thicknesses for variable levels of abrasive needs. Thicker wires are more aggressive, producing a coarser yet faster surface finish, while thinner wires deliver finer, smoother surface results.


Product range

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1 Available product variations
Part number Diameter mm Wire thickness mm Max. speed rpm Securing Pack quantity Price
2 608 622 008
50 0.20 4,500 Straight shank 1 Pcs
1.10 KWD

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