Battery is not being charged

Battery is not being charged and the red temperature monitoring/error indicator (2) is flashing red.

Cause: The charger has identified an internal error.

Corrective measure: Ensure that all batteries are fully inserted. Remove the mains plug and reinsert. If the error occurs again, have the charger checked by an authorised after-sales service centre for Bosch power tools.


Cause: Battery is not correctly inserted.

Corrective measure: Insert the battery into the charger correctly.


Cause: The battery contacts and charging contacts are dirty.

Corrective measure: Clean the battery contacts and charging contacts; e.g. by inserting and removing the battery several times.


Cause: Battery defective

Corrective measure: Replace the battery.

Battery is not being charged and the indicator (2) is lit up red.


Cause: Battery temperature is outside of the charging range

Corrective measure: Wait until the battery temperature is back within the permitted charging temperature range (0–45 °C).