Practical Advice

You can use the depth stop (13) to set the required drilling depth X.

  • Press the button for depth stop adjustment (12) and insert the depth stop into the auxiliary handle (14).
    The fluting on the depth stop (13) must face downwards.
  • Push the SDS plus application tool into the SDS plus tool holder  (3) as far as it will go. Otherwise, the movability of the SDS plus drilling tool can lead to incorrect adjustment of the drilling depth.
  • Pull the depth stop far enough out that the distance between the drill bit tip and the edge of the depth stop corresponds to the required drilling depth X.

  • If the application tool jams or snags, the power transmission to the drill spindle will be interrupted. Always hold the power tool firmly with both hands to withstand the forces this may create and adopt a position with stable footing.
  • Switch the power tool off immediately and remove the application tool if the power tool becomes blocked. Switching on when the drilling tool is blocked may cause high torque reactions.

  • Only apply the power tool to the screw/nut when the tool is switched off. Rotating tool inserts can slip off.

A universal holder (24) with SDS plus shank (accessory) is required to work with screwdriver bits.

  • Clean and lightly grease the insertion end of the shank.
  • Insert the universal holder into the tool holder while turning it until it locks automatically.
  • Check that it is locked by pulling the universal holder.
  • Insert a screwdriver bit in the universal holder. Only use screwdriver bits that fit the screw head.
  • To remove the universal holder, slide the locking sleeve (5) backwards and remove the universal holder (24) from the tool holder.