Product Features

The numbering of the product features refers to the diagram of the power tool on the graphics page.


Keyless quick-change chuck (GBH 2-25 F, GBH 2-26 F)


SDS plus quick-change chuck (GBH 2-25 F, GBH 2-26 F)


SDS plus tool holder


Dust protection cap


Locking sleeve


Locking ring for quick-change chuck (GBH 2-25 F, GBH 2-26 F)


Rotational direction switch


Lock-on button for on/off switch


On/off switch


Release button for impact/mode selector switch


Impact/mode selector switch


Button for depth stop adjustment


Auxiliary handle (insulated gripping surface)


Handle (insulated gripping surface)


Securing screw for keyed chuckA)


Keyed chuckA)


SDS plus shank for drill chuckA)


Drill chuck holder (GBH 2-25 F, GBH 2-26 F)


Front sleeve of the keyless quick-change chuck (GBH 2-25 F, GBH 2-26 F)


Retaining ring of the keyless quick-change chuck (GBH 2-25 F, GBH 2-26 F)


Dust extraction (GDE 16 Plus)A)


Dust collection capA)


Universal holder with SDS plus shankA)


This accessory is not part of the standard scope of delivery.