Wet vacuuming

Note: The requirements for the degree of penetration (dust class L) have only been verified for dry vacuuming.

Steps to Take before Wet Vacuuming

Note: Use a wet filter bag (accessory), which separates liquid from solids, to make disposal easier when vacuuming water-solid mixtures.

Vacuuming up liquids

The dust extractor is equipped with fill level sensors (35). The dust extractor shuts down if the maximum fill level has been reached. Set the mode selector switch (5) to the "switch off" symbol.

Note: When extracting non-conductive liquids (e.g. drilling emulsion, oils and fats), the dust extractor will not switch off when the container is full. The fill level must be constantly monitored and the container emptied in good time.

To prevent mould growth after wet vacuuming: