Safety instructions

Read all the safety and general instructions. Failure to observe the safety and general instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury.

Store these instructions in a safe place.

Only use the charger if you can fully evaluate all functions and carry them out without restrictions, or if you have received corresponding instructions.

Only use the charger in enclosed spaces and do not expose it to wet conditions. Water entering a charger increases the risk of electric shock.

Products sold in GB only:

Your product is fitted with an BS 1363/A approved electric plug with internal fuse (ASTA approved to BS 1362).

If the plug is not suitable for your socket outlets, it should be cut off and an appropriate plug fitted in its place by an authorised customer service agent. The replacement plug should have the same fuse rating as the original plug.

The severed plug must be disposed of to avoid a possible shock hazard and should never be inserted into a mains socket elsewhere.