Product Features

The numbering of the product features refers to the diagram of the power tool on the graphics page.

Spindle lock button

Status indicator (LED)

On/off switch

Dust filter

Auxiliary handle (insulated gripping surface)

Protective guard for grinding with clamping lever

Protective guard for grinding with locking screw

Coding cam

Clamping lever for protective guard

Adjusting screw for protective guard

Locking screw for protective guard

Grinding discA)

Clamping nut

Quick-clamping nut A)

Carbide grinding headA)

Protective guard for cuttingA)

Cutting discA)

Grinding spindle

Hand guardA)

Rubber sanding padA)

Abrasive discA)

Round nutA)

Cup brushA)

Diamond cutting discA)

Extraction guard for cutting with cutting guidesA)

Handle (insulated gripping surface)

Clamping flange



Accessories shown or described are not included with the product as standard. You can find the complete selection of accessories in our accessories range.