Practical advice

Note: Do not position the nozzle (1) too close to the workpiece that you are using the power tool on. The resulting air blockage can lead to the heat gun overheating.

Removing the heat shield

When working in particularly tight spaces, you can remove the heat shield (2) by turning it.

To remove or put on the heat shield (2), switch the heat gun off and let it cool down.

To cool down faster, you can also let the heat gun run briefly at the lowest temperature that can be set.

Turning off the heat gun

Put down the heat gun on the storage surfaces (3) to let it cool down, or to keep both hands free to work.

Position the heat gun on an even, stable surface. Ensure that it cannot tip over. Secure the cable outside your work area so that it cannot knock down or pull down the heat gun.

Switch the heat gun off if not used for a sustained period of time, and disconnect from the mains.