Diamond Drill Bits

Long Life for Hard Ceramics

Diamond Wet Drill Bit
from  17.20 EUR

Product highlights

Diamond Wet Drill Bits

Diamond Wet Drill Bit delivers long life when drilling hard ceramics

  • Highly robust and wear-resistant high-class diamond coating for extended usage
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Product descriptions

The Diamond Wet Drill Bit delivers long life when drilling hard ceramics. Its high-class diamond coating makes the bit very robust and wear-resistant, allowing for extended usage. The product is intended for a variety of materials from soft wall tiles to very hard floor tiles such as fine stoneware. It is suitable for use with cordless drills.

Do not drill in impact mode. Use water cooling when operating drills with this product.

Product range

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3 Available product variations
Part number Diameter (D) mm Working length (L1) mm Pack quantity Price
2 608 550 606
6 35 1 Pcs
17.20 EUR
2 608 550 608
8 35 1 Pcs
19.20 EUR
2 608 550 609
10 35 1 Pcs
21.00 EUR

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