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High performance when Finish Cutting, Grinding and Finishing on Metal and Inox

3-in-1 Disc

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3-in-1 Discs

The 3-in-1 Disc for high finish performance when cutting, grinding and finishing in metal or Inox with one disc

  • Ideal cutting results are achieved due to high-quality abrasives
  • A precision-manufactured fibreglass net provides safe grinding
  • High grit size allows finishing with clean results on surfaces
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Product descriptions

The 3-in-1 Disc guarantees high finish results when cutting, grinding and finishing on metal and Inox with one disc. Ideal results can be achieved when cutting due to high-quality abrasives. At the same time, thanks to its precision-manufactured fibreglass net, safe grinding with 2.5 mm thickness is achievable. It is also an ideal solution for hard-to-reach areas. As the disc has a higher grit size than comparable grinding discs, finishing with clean results on surfaces is feasible. Use this disc for working on metal and inox. The 3-in-1 Disc is compatible with angle grinders.

Bosch discs comply with maximum safety requirements such as EN 12413, FEPA and oSa.


Product range

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2 Available product variations
Part number Specification Diameter mm Bore diameter mm Thickness mm Pack quantity
2 608 602 389
A 46 S BF 125 22,23 2.5 1 Pcs
2 608 602 388
A 46 S BF 115 22,23 2.5 1 Pcs


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