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Long Lifetime on Stone and Concrete

Conical Cup Wheel for Stone

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Conical Cup Wheels for Stone

Conical Cup Wheels for a long lifetime grinding stone and concrete

  • High-quality silicon carbide abrasive grain designed for endurance with application
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Product descriptions

The Conical Cup Wheels deliver a long lifetime when grinding stone and concrete. Its high-quality silicon carbide abrasive grain is designed for endurance with application. It is intended for grinding stone and concrete. It is suitable for use with two-handed angle grinders with a maximum speed of up to 8500rpm.

For best results and safety, the Conical Cup Wheels are intended for use with two-handed angle grinders with a maximum speed of 8500 rpm only.

Product range

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1 Available product variations
Part number Specification Min. diameter mm Max. diameter mm Height mm Pack quantity
1 608 600 241
C 54 L5 BRT 90 110 55.0 1 Pcs

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