Partnership with Carpenters’ and Welders’ Associations of Nigeria

Bosch Artisan Empowerment Programme

•Move from hand tools to power tools

•Partnership with Carpenters’ and Welders’ associations of Nigeria

•Collaboration with key stake holders in transforming the lives of artisans

Majority of the artisans in Nigeria still make use of hand tools or substandard power tools including fake Bosch products where there is no guarantees or service repair solutions available. In view of the current status quo, Bosch Power Tools Nigeria through Conversion Manager, Mr. Jeremy Adesanya, supported by the Marketing Team, has customized Tradesman Kit for Carpenters and Welders. These kits contain the preferred power tools with the associated accessories the craftsmen need for their daily tasks.

Bosch Power Tools Nigeria in close collaboration with major stakeholders including Bank of Industry, Union Bank of Nigeria, Aledin, Bosch Authorised Dealers and the Presidents of the Professional Associations for Carpenters and Welders of Nigeria have been closely working on a Tradesmen Kit scheme that will make original Bosch Power Tools available to up to 2,500 carpenters and welders over a period of time at an affordable cost and with supportive repayment plans.

The micro finance model requires one third contribution as the deposit to secure the micro loan, two thirds of the value is financed with the maximum finance term of six months. The offer is available to all members of the associations where they have an option of three kits containing up to six different Bosch power tools.

The importance of available quality power tools to artisans cannot be overemphasised, especially in a market such as Nigeria where unskilled labour constitutes majority of the labour force. With the influx of fake brands and imitations to the power tools market, artisans are left to use any tool they find at their disposals including fake Bosch Power Tools. The effect of fake tools impacts production, profitability and cost of ownership.

Mr. Frank Diermann, the Country Sales Director Bosch Nigeria confirmed, “Bosch Nigeria has a diversified portfolio that can service the needs of different associations in Nigeria. The initial partnership program with Carpenters and Welders with the Tradesmen Kits, is a strategic investment for Bosch in Nigeria in the development of the artisan’s skills and output to enhance the longer livelihood of these individuals.”

The Professional Carpenters and Furniture Makers Association (P.C.F.A.) of Nigeria had been operating in Lagos State as far back as the 1930s. The association has a network of registered members totalling 50,000 carpenters and furniture makers across all the local governments in Lagos state.

The Welders Association on the other hand have been in existence since 1984 with registered members totalling 20,000 members in the South-West of Nigeria. These organizations meet at regular intervals across all zonal locations through the covered state.

To launch this Tradesmen Kit scheme Bosch Power Tools Nigeria together with all stakeholders converged at the National Stadium in Lagos on the 25th November 2017 to launch the Tradesman Kits to the members of the associations.

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