Chainsaw GKE 40 BCE Professional

High torque under load

Technical data
Additional data
Rated input power* 2,100 W
Cutter, length* 400 mm
Weight* 4.8 kg
Chain pitch 3/8 بوصة "
Chain speed 12 m/s
Cable length 2.5 m
Chain gauge 1.3 mm
Brake time of kick-back brake <= 0,1 ث s
Brake time of run-out brake <= 1 ث s
Tool dimensions (width) 255 mm
Tool dimensions (length) 820 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 200 mm
Total vibration values (Cutting in wooden beams)
Vibration emission value ah 4.8 m/s²
Uncertainty K 1.5 m/s²

* Highlighted Data

The A-rated noise level of the power tool is typically as follows: Sound pressure level 96 dB(A); Sound power level 105 dB(A). Uncertainty K= 3 dB.


High torque under load

  • 2100-watt motor for high torque
  • Constant Electronic for uniform sawing progress under load
  • Tool-free chain changing and tensioning (Bosch SDS)


Rated power input 2100 W
Best work results with constant speed thanks to electronic regulation of speed - even under load
Efficient work with high user protection Effective work with high user protection, also works when power failure and ensures that the tool stops significantly faster than without a braking system.
What’s Included in this Package
with accessory set
with accessory set
Order number: 0 601 597 703
  • Double guard chain bar 40 cm 2 602 317 051
  • Chain 40 cm 2 604 730 001
  • Transport protection (spare part number 1 605 510 329)
The GKE 40 BCE in action!

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