Bosch Cordless Garden Tools

NEW! Professional cordless garden toolsPetrol performance,
half the noise.

Bosch Cordless Garden Tools

Battery or petrol?
4 good reasons to switch from petrol to Bosch battery for your professional garden tools.

Bosch battery

Half the noise:
Work where petrol products cannot.

Unbelievable: Did you know that reducing the sound power level by 3db halves the sound power noise emission?

Index noise emission (sound power) development
db(A) sound power of tool
Sound power 95 db(A)
53 cm petrol lawnmower
Noise emission index 200
Sound power 92 db(A)
Bosch GRA 53 lawnmower
Noise emission index 100
db (A)
53 cm petrol lawnmower 53 cm petrol lawnmower

Low running costs:
Payback in less than a year.

Bosch professional cordless garden tools are cheaper to run than petrol tools.

Energy costs in £ per year
£ 26.49
£ 417.69

£ 391.20

savings per year
Petrol tool
Battery tool
Assumptions: Fuel: £ 1.07 / litre; electricity cost £ 0.10 / kWh; energy prices assumptions are excluding VAT. To cut the lawn 1 hour, energy required is 650 ml fuel or 2 battery recharges (= 2 x 216 Wh), cutting conditions: dry grass, height 6-4 cm. Calculated on 200 working days in a calendar year. GRA 53 and petrol equivalent.
Assumptions: Fuel: £ 1.07 / litre; 2 Stroke engine oil mix 50:1 price: £ 0.21 / litre; electricity cost £ 0.10 / kWh; energy prices assumptions are excluding VAT. To cut 1 hour, energy required is 1 litre fuel or 1 battery recharge (= 216 Wh) Calculated on 200 working days in a calendar year.

Savings calculator

Low vibration

Due to the very low vibration level you can work with the new Bosch cordless garden tools all day.*
*Please check the vibration level of the single products on the dedicated product detail page.
Source: (please check for your local guidelines).

Low emissions and other advantages

Low emissions:
Thanks to purely electrical battery power.
Easier to start:
Thanks to a simple push button.
No servicing necessary for motors:
The EC brushless motors do not need servicing.
Bosch Cordless Garden Tools

Why Bosch battery?
The first Bosch series of cordless
garden tools that meets
the needs of professionals.

Setting new standards in performance and run time.

Petrol performance:
The unique Bosch battery gives you equivalent performance to petrol-driven tools.

The new Bosch GRA 53 Professional lawnmower cuts the same area of grass (1,500 m2/h – ca. 6 times the size of a tennis court) in the same time as an equivalent 53 cm petrol lawnmower.

Petrol performance: Comparison based on a GRA 53 and leading petrol competitor (Cutting conditions: dry grass, height 6-4cm).
Click here for report page.
Full details can be found at

1,500 m2/h

A high capacity battery for superior performance.

The new Bosch professional battery features innovative ‘cool pack’ temperature management via the aluminium cooling fins. Heat is transported from inside the battery to the outside to protect the cells. In contrast to typical batteries, the cooling of the battery allows for constant higher energy transmission to the motor, as the battery does not easily overheat.

- - - - - - - - - - - -
Traditional Battery
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Traditional Battery

Fast charging and long run time:
Allows continuous use.

0 %
Battery icon
in 0 minutes

With the fast charger you can charge your spare battery faster than you can empty your working battery.

Estimated run time for Bosch Professional garden tool range
GRA-53GRA 48 / GRA 53 GFR-42GFR 25 GFR-42GFR 42
45 – 60 minutes* 75 – 90 minutes* 40 – 60 minutes*
* Depends on cutting conditions.

For use in all weather conditions.

Store and transport in all weather conditions.

The innovative Bosch seal means the first battery of its kind.

Extended warranty:
We are assured in our quality and back this up with a 3 year extended product warranty (2 year battery and charger).

3 years Tool Warranty 2 years Battery Premium Service Bosch Professional Service

3-year warranty on all tools including lawnmowers and brushcutters, 2-year warranty on battery and chargers. Warranty conditions or terms and conditions of participation online at

You have to register your tool, battery or charger within four weeks of purchase.

Bosch Cordless Garden Tools

Products: Maximum flexibility – all professional cordless garden tools use the innovative Bosch battery system.



Leaf blower


Battery system

Bosch Cordless Garden Tools
Robust construction
Highly robust aluminium deck available in 2 widths: 48 and 53cm. Alloy wheels with bearings and rubber tyres for long lifetime.
2 x independent EC motor drives
Powerful and robust, service-free performance. 3-way drive: blade only, land-drive only and both.
Single point height of cut
6 pre-set height positions for fast adjustment.
Mulching option
Available as accessory kit.
Twist grip throttle
Convenient position variable land-drive speed control.
Full-width bale bars
Allows all-round grip, for optimum control and comfort.
Instant start up
No recoil, no priming, press and go!
Easy storage
Aluminium cam-locks for easy folding of top handle.
75L / 69L grass bag
Through handle removal.
100% fill for less frequent emptying.
Easy clean grass bag.
Watch application video

GRA 53 and GRA 48 Professional

See the performance

Half the noise
Bosch Cordless Garden Tools
Ergonomic single-hand controls
Variable speed trigger – 2000 to 4500rpm. Palm lever for optimum grip during usage.
Ergonomic bike handle
Ideal for fast and comfortable cutting of large areas. Fully adjustable to suit all user heights. Tool-less rotation for optimum handling.
Instant product start up
No recoil, no priming, just press and go!
Bump feed head (GFR 42)
Complete with 2.4mm x 4.6M line. Ideal for fast cutting of grassy areas.
2-tooth metal blade
(GFR 25)
Multi-purpose hardened-steel blade. Suitable for fast clearing of grass and light-medium vegetation.
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GFR 25 and GFR 42 Professional

See the performance

Half the noise
No fumes
Low vibrations

Brushcutter accessories:
Wide range of accessories available to suit varied applications.

Cutting system Area of application
  Grass Light vegetation Dense vegetation Bushes, small trees
Bump line feed head 2.4 mm line2.7 mm line3.0 mm line
Poly blade head
2-tooth blade
3-tooth blade
4-tooth blade
8-tooth blade
22-tooth blade
80-tooth blade

A wide range of different diameter 'quiet' lines, available for various grass conditions and light vegetation. Also, a range of different blades for light to denser vegetation. Use the chart as a guide to match your needs.

All available accessories
Bosch Cordless Garden Tools
High cycle capability
li-ion cells
42 minutes recharge time,
no memory effect.
High power
36 Volt, 10 A
delivers constant power supply throughout battery charge.
Aluminium fins
Rapid heat dissipation, continuous all-day usage, high power consumption capabilities.
Robust construction
Robust outer casing protect inner cells.
Ergonomic features
Grip zones for insertion and removal of battery.
Rubber carry handle
For convenient transportation and cable storage.
Integral fan
Forced battery/charger cooling system to minimise downtime.
Aluminium housing
Robust construction for professional use. Integral cooling fins allow rapid heat dissipation.
Charge status indicators
Simple user management:
green = charging
red = fault
Watch application video

Battery system
NEW! 36 Volt 6.0 Ah lithium-ion battery and fast charger

See the performance


Risk-free purchase

Bosch warranty extension

Extend the warranty for power tools. Use the Battery Premium Service.

3 years Tool Warranty | 2 years Battery Premium Service Register now

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Battery / charger
Sales and service
Can I use the lawnmower with one battery?
Yes, it can be powered with a single battery with no loss of performance, but with a corresponding drop in run time.
What is the reach of the lawnmower?
In normal usage with fully charged batteries it would be around 1500 m2, dependant on mowing conditions.
What is cast aluminium alloy?
Aluminium is light in weight but by itself is quite soft and brittle, so it is mixed with other materials to increase robustness and strength.
Is there any difference in performance whilst mulching?
The split edge design of the mulching blade cuts the grass twice using extra capacity. This offsets carrying the weight of the grass box whilst using the normal blade therefore causing performance to remain the same.
What can I do if I run out of energy?
To avoid running out of energy, we would recommend buying a spare set of batteries as the recharge time is 42 minutes so users can recharge faster than the time it takes to drain a battery. Usage of products is then not limited.
What is the reach of the brushcutter?
In normal usage with a fully charged battery, it would be around 250 m2, dependant on cutting conditions and the type of accessory being used. We have a range of different diameter lines and both metal and polymer blades in our accessories range available from your dealer.
Can I use the new PRO battery with Bosch Blue tools?
Yes it is compatible, however the power, weight and waterproof capacity of the battery are in excess of normal power tool requirements. The new PRO charger will charge any Bosch Blue 36V battery.
Do you have to change the guards?
Yes, there are three guards in the range and it is important they should be changed according to the type of accessory used.
How easily interchangeable are the accessories?
Very easy. For the blades you have to use 2 tools provided, a locking pin pushed into the hole on the motor housing to lock the rotor and a spanner to loose the nut. For the bump line head and poly blade head only the locking pin is required.
How should I recycle batteries?
The batteries can be placed in battery recycle bins.
What innovative features have lead the product to be waterproof?
The battery packs are weatherproof and the electronics are in sealed modules.
What does CoolPack technology mean?
This technology manages heating in the battery and motor to increase the life of the product.
What are the shut-off temperatures of the battery and charger (highest and lowest)?
The maximum operating temperature of the battery is 65C with a limited performance below -10C. The battery will only charge between 0 – 45C so it is recommended in hot weather to re-charge the batteries out of the direct sunlight.
Who handles PRO repairs? How does the system work?
Please refer to your dealer. Any warranty work and more complicated repairs will be done by Power Tools central service.
What is the warranty on the products?
We offer standard warranty which is the same as is available on Bosch Blue products. This is 3 years on the products and 2 years on the battery following online registration.
After extended warranty am I still supported by Bosch in any way?
Both the dealer network and Bosch central service will continue to support you in ensuring your products work to maximum efficiency.
How can you quantify equivalent petrol performance?
Our testing data has shown that our products can cut an equivalent area in the same time as petrol products.
What is the significance of half the noise?
This means users can start work earlier and carry on working later. This is also very relevant for use in noise sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and libraries. The new PRO Brushcutters in particular are significantly quieter than their petrol equivalents.
What are the CO2 emissions of the product?
These Professional garden tools are electric driven products and therefore do not have any direct CO2 emissions.
Can the products be used all day?
Yes, products with vibration levels below 2.5m/s2allow all day work. See local regulations for clarification.