High Material Removal Rate in Masonry and Mortar

SDS max Spade Chisel

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SDS max Spade Chisels

The SDS max Spade Chisel delivers a high material removal rate in masonry and mortar

  • Self-sharpening spade body retains a uniform thickness throughout its lifetime for consistently elevated work progress
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Product descriptions

The SDS max Spade Chisel delivers a high material removal rate in masonry and mortar. The self-sharpening spade body is able to retain a uniform thickness throughout its lifetime, resulting in consistently elevated work progress. The chisel is intended for use in brick and concrete for removing roughcasting and layers of dirt. Moreover, it can be used for removing concrete residue from foamwork boards and plaster from walls as well as for breakthroughs in masonry. It is compatible with SDS max shank systems.

The SDS max Spade Chisel is self-sharpening and offers a 30%-higher material removal rate than standard chisels.


Product range

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2 Available product variations
Part number Total length mm Chisel cutting edge mm Shank, shape Pack quantity
2 608 690 097
350 50 SDS max 1 Pcs
2 608 690 199
400 115 SDS max 1 Pcs

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