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Details for GNF 65 A Professional 
Part number 0 601 368 703
EAN code 3165140244374
GNF 65 A Professional comes complete with:
Item Included
Auxiliary handle 2 602 025 075
Backing flange spare part number 3 609 202 039
Break-out tool spare part number 3 607 950 000
Carrying case
Round nut spare part number 3 609 202 040
Suction elbow 1 600 793 007
Two-hole spanner, bent at right angles 1 607 950 004
3 x spacer, 4 mm spare part number 3 609 202 041
4 x spacer, 6 mm spare part number 3 609 202 042
Tool features
Why this tool?
  • Restart protection
  • Overload protection
  • Protective guard quick adjustment
  • Dust extraction
  • Drawing cut for little exertion of force
  • Spindle lock for easy disc changes
Technical data
Specification overview
Adjustable groove depth 20 - 65 mm
Cutting width 3 - 40 mm
No-load speed 5200 rpm
Disc diameter 230 mm
Rated input power 2,400 W
Power output 1,670 W
Weight 8.4 kg
Tool dimensions (length) 690 mm
Tool dimensions (height) 455 mm
Click & Clean System – 3 great benefits Click & Clean System – 3 great benefits
A clear view of the work surface: You work more precisely and faster Harmful dust is extracted immediately: Protects your health Less dust: Longer lifetime of tool and accessories
Best work results with constant speed Best work results with constant speed
thanks to electronic regulation of speed - even under load
Soft start Soft start
as the load and torque of the motor are temporarily reduced during start-up
Dust extraction Dust extraction
directly into the integral dust bag on the tool and/or using an all-purpose dust extractor
Easy disc / tool change Easy disc / tool change
thanks to spindle lock
Woodworking Woodworking
The professional power tools for woodworking from Bosch.
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