For Grinders and Polishers


For straight grinders

Collet holds grinding tools while working

  • Comes with a locking nut
  • Compatible with straight grinders
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Diameter mm 6

Choose a pack size 1 Pcs

Compatible with 2608570084

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Collet with locking nut 2 608 570 084

Holds Grinding Tools. With Locking Nut

Collet holds grinding tools while working

  • Compatible with straight grinders

Product Options

Available product options: 1

Part number Tool Compatibility Diameter mm Pack quantity
2 608 570 084 GGS 7 C, GGS 18V-20, GGS 18V-23 LC, GGS 18V-23 PLC, GGS 27 L, GGS 27 LC, GGS 28 LP, GGS 30 LS, GGS 1212 Professional 6 1 Pcs Find a local dealer

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