Diamond Cutting Discs

Standard for Stone Diamond Cutting Disc

For table saws, For petrol saws

Standard for Stone Diamond Cutting Disc provides reliable cuts in all types of stone

  • Optimised diamond matrix delivers solid results
  • High-quality standards are ensured by Bosch diamond competence centre in Switzerland
  • With 25.4 mm bore, fits 20 mm bores with reduction rings


Hard stone
Soft stone
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Diameter mm 2 options

Bore diameter mm 20.00/25.40*

Cutting width mm 3=1

Choose a pack size 1 Pcs

Standard for Stone Diamond Cutting Disc

Reliable Cuts in All Types of Stone

Standard for Stone Diamond Cutting Disc provides reliable cuts in all types of stone

  • High-quality standards are ensured by Bosch diamond competence centre in Switzerland

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Available product options: 2

Part number Diameter mm Bore diameter mm Cutting width mm Segment height mm Pack quantity
2 608 602 602 300 20.00/25.40* 3=1 10 1 Pcs Find a local dealer
2 608 602 603 350 20.00/25.40* 3=1 10 1 Pcs Find a local dealer

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Reliable Cuts in Stone

Frequently asked questions

Most Bosch accessories are also compatible with competitors' power tools - look out for the ‘Universal Brand Fit’ logo on the packaging.

Diamond cutting blades are developed for specific machines and their diameters, therefore you should always use the diameter that’s mentioned in the power tool manual.

Never use a cutting disc without a flange. Use only the original Bosch nut and flange. Make sure you mount the flange on the correct side. You can use a BOSCH SDS click nut instead of the normal nut.

An indicator of the rotation direction is usually positioned on the head of the power tool. The rotation direction is also displayed on the label and the laser marking of the accessory. The rotation direction of the disc and the power tool has to match.

Never enlarge the cutting disc's borehole because the accessory is released only for specific machines. Diamond cutting discs are available with different boreholes and outer diameters - please choose a disc with the right dimensions for your machine and do not adapt them yourself.

No, you should only use blades that fit your power tool. Never remove the safety guard to fit a bigger diameter. The spindle should fit the disc's borehole.

Yes, reduction rings can be removed and you can use the disc for another machine type - both borehole diameters are displayed on the packaging. To press the removed reduction ring back into the blade, use a stable base to make sure you don't bend the blade. Do not insert a reduction ring if the product was delivered without one, and never use third party reduction rings.

Our products are generally only recommended for materials that are displayed on the packaging.

The EXPERT Diamond Metal Wheel has been specifically designed to cut metal; most other diamond cutting discs are not suitable. Some multi material discs like Best for Universal or Best for Concrete can be used to cut rebar inside reinforced concrete, but they should not be used for pure metal applications. Each accessory has the materials you should use it for displayed on the back of the packaging.

We don't currently have a glass-cutting diamond blade in our portfolio.

Diamond cutting blades are not designed for this application and might damage the tiles. We recommend using a Bosch oscillating multitool to remove the joints without damaging the tiles.

Diamond accessories don't expire and you can use them for a very long time. If you see a date on your diamond accessory, it's the manufacturing date we need to trace the product.

Slight vibrations are normal. They are due to the high power of the machine and the tolerances of the accessory. The system will automatically reduce the level of vibrations when you start using your tool. Stronger vibrations can be caused by the damage to the spindle or the blade itself. In this case, you'll need to replace these parts.

Bosch changed the naming of different performance classes in the past. Standard was called Professional, but it's the same product. We are currently updating the naming to Bosch, PRO and EXPERT.

Outer diameter x bore hole x thickness x segment height (e.g. 180 x 22.23 x 2.2 x 5)

Designed to cut tiles, the disc has continuous rims to reduce chipping, but with the hardest tiles even this is not always enough. The EXPERT HardCeramic tile disc is Bosch’s top performance diamond disc for hard tiles. Thanks to a series of technologies and design features it makes the cleanest cuts. In thicker tiles and stone slabs (over 10 mm), using a wet cutter and a designated tile blade will give you the best results.

You need safety googles, ear protection, dust mask, working gloves and safety shoes to work with diamond cutting discs.

No, this is unsafe. You should inspect blades regularly and throw away damaged ones.

All products are released with the maximum possible RPM for their diameter. We recommend using the full RPM of your machine, provided it does not exceed the RPM displayed on the cutting disc.

You should use safety guards with combined dust extraction linked to a vacuum cleaner. They are the best solution, as they keep you safe and reduce the amount of airborne dust. Never use the angle grinder with no safety guard!

Diamond grits can get damaged through overheating or wear out with time, leading to slow cutting speeds. However, diamond discs are self-sharpening: a few cuts in abrasive materials like concrete or stone should bring new diamond edges to the surface of the matrix, improving the cutting speed.

Please always read the manuals of your power tool and accessories to ensure you can use them for either wet or dry cutting. For example, electric angle grinders are not suitable for wet cutting due to the risk of an electric shock – no matter which accessory you're using.

No. Diamond cutting discs are only designed to cut. Side grinding can damage the blades and lead to major injuries. Please use suitable diamond cup wheels for grinding.

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