Once a climber experiences “the intensity of all emotions in mountains, he gets used to that feeling in that second and wants to feel it again and again for the rest of his life. This first magical moment of their lives might occur while they are 7 or 77 years old. This passion has no age limits, and the feeling never changes.

Uğur Yılmaz, one of those mountain passionate from Turkey, says his dad had him camping when he was six months old; he climbed up his first mountain at four, and reached atop at seven. Having grown up to a mountain-loving parents, he was lucky to feel the air in mountains since his childhood. By the time he got to the university, he developed a stronger passion for outdoors unlike his parents who would choose mediocre mountains and cliffs as their objectives. Walking the way to the peak was good but he would desire to reach atop by “climbing”. Thus in 2014, this passion took him to Aladağla, the rocky mountain range that is described as “the most difficult rock climbing region in Turkey.”

He had practiced for this climb for almost five years as a professional climber. Because by then, he already knew he might have to open a new route on the rocks to the top, with the help of supplementary equipment, which is also such a fantasy for a true climber.

What is this fantasy?
What is this fantasy?

Being the first to climb a route on the skirts of a mountain requires bolting that route up with certain safety precautions and some climbing ethics in consideration, such as the distance between bolts, the number and the type of bolts, etc. Bolting is crucial for a safe climbing as it is also an honor for a climber. It takes serious effort and good practice to open a new route for the first time at a sharp cliff. And it sure needs a robust, light and cordless Equipment “Bosch profesionnal power tools” comes in here to help climbers for this hard but special mission.

Uğur Yılmaz, as a professional mountaineer for over five years, had already tried to open a new route on the skirts of a “more moderate” cliff before. Unfortunately, he was not as practiced and equipped enough for that task and with the suggestion of his leaders in the climbing team he had to give way to his elders to bolt that route. He knew he would not have given up this dream climb so easily if only he had the right tool with himself. Because he knew no matter how determined you are, “you need to respect certain rules in mountains and everything shall be fine and you will be safe.”

Taking into account this most important rule of the mountains and his past-time failure, this time he brought a Bosch GBH 18 V-EC Professional, with him to the top of Aladağlar.

A climber needs the best tools on a harsh mountain environment
A climber needs the best tools on a harsh mountain environment

As he did not want to live another failure, he had studied hard for which tools to take with him before starting his biggest adventure. And for the most difficult part of climbing, bolting, he had chosen Bosch’ GBH 18 V-EC product. Why?

Thanks to its effective Bosch EC motor, GBH 18 V-EC has a longer operating time with only one battery charge. It is capable of drilling more than 1 00 holes in concrete blocks in sizes of 6 x 40 mm and it is weighs only 2.6 kilograms with a compact design. Therefore it is easy to carry on your body, on a vertical journey!

Its cordless Bosch EC motor is compact, protective against dust, very light and does not require maintenance at all! Its innovative CoolPack battery provides optimum heat reflection and thus, increases its lifetime up to 100 percent compared to lithium-ion batteries that do not have CoolPack technology. Furthermore, the tool’s Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) preserves its battery against overcharge, heat and discharge and thanks to its Electronic Motor Safety feature that shuts the motor in overload situations, it is extremely durable. You might drop it from 2 meters, and voila it still works! And finally, it has no memory loss. The battery will always be charged independently from its charge level without harming any cells.

For a safe climb and for the love of bolting: Bosch Battery Powered Drill, GBH 18 V-EC
For a safe climb and for the love of bolting: Bosch Battery Powered Drill, GBH 18 V-EC

A failure is always the best lesson for one and Uğur Yılmaz showed that he took that lesson for sure when he climbed to the top of Aladağlar, using the route he opened himself.

He paid a lot of effort to achieve this, he needed to commit himself, overcome pain and fatigue, and wait patiently. Then came the reward: Beauty of mountainous landscapes, the wind that makes you feel alive and will to explore and achieve more summits. The Bosch hammer was with him throughout this journey, to keep that self-confidence high.

If you also want to feel what a mountaineer feels in nature, remember it is never too late! And do not look further for supplementary equipment; Bosch is here to help you for all your requirements.

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Did you enjoy this story?

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