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FSN RA 32 1600 Professional

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FSN RA 32 1600 for accurate hole layouts in furniture construction

  • Guide rail with 32 hole layout, 1600 mm long
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FSN RA 32 1600 Professional 1 600 Z00 03W

FSN RA 32 1600 Professional

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FSN RA 32 1600

Order number: 1 600 Z00 03W

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Technical data

FSN RA 32 1600 Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The FSN RA 32 1600 Professional guiderail with a length of 1,600 mm is ideal for accurate hole layouts when building furniture. With its 32-mm hole spacing layout, it offers extensive functionality in addition to its standard feature set. The guiderail is constructed with high-quality workmanship and is perfectly compatible with all related power tools, delivering precise guidance. Featuring easily replaceable, non-slip rubber stripes and splinter protection, the guiderail offers complete control during operation, resulting in a clean cutting edge. This guiderail is intended for guided cuts and routing in 32-mm hole system applications. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional GKS G-model circular saws, all GKT Professional plunge saws, as well as selected GST Professional jigsaws and GOF Professional routers with an adapter.

Equipment & Application

The FSN RA 32 1600 Professional 1,600-mm guiderail has 32-mm spaced raster holes and a plastic cap for fixing tools in place.

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