GCL 2-50 CG Green laser

Green laser

Four times better visibility thanks to green laser lines

In poor ambient light in particular, red laser lines are often much less visible, which means that work such as installing windows or suspending ceilings quickly becomes exhausting.

Bosch combi lasers work with green laser lines, which are four times more visible to the human eye than red ones.

You can find out here why this is and what the advantages are of green laser diodes.

Advantage of green laser technology

Green laser

Why are green laser lines more visible?

Due to their different wavelengths, the luminous efficacy of green light is higher than that of red light, which means that the laser line appears brighter and is four times more visible to the human eye. This is a huge advantage in bright environments in particular.

100% green laser diodes

without conversion

The projection of green laser lines has previously required laborious conversion procedures, whereby the light from a red laser diode is converted into green light by additional components.

The new generation of Bosch laser tools, however, works with a pure green laser diode and thus ensures a more powerful diode and a more compact design..