Interior finishing work

Interior finishing work involves a wide variety of trades – from drywall construction, painting and plastering work through to renovation, refurbishment and maintenance.

In all these areas, the temperature measuring tools from Bosch can provide valuable assistance. In just a few simple steps, you can carry out tasks such as examining insulation, locating leaks in walls or determining where energy losses occur. By visualising differences in temperature, you can also avoid making mistakes in drilling work. Practical before and after comparisons of thermal images prove extremely helpful in communication with customers.

The GTC models are also ideal for real estate agents. The thermal imaging cameras can support you in your work as an estate agent if, for example, you need to demonstrate during a viewing that a house is not susceptible to cold or that the underfloor heating functions as intended – simply show the thermal image to your clients to assure their satisfaction. This will help you stand out among your colleagues, lend credence to your expertise and allow you benefit from the increasing confidence of your prospective buyers.

Regardless of the area you work in, the thermal measuring tools from Bosch will make your work more efficient and enhance your professional image.



Drywall constructors have a varied occupation. No matter if they're working on old or new builds, it's important for them to maintain an overview of everything. The hermal measuring tools from Bosch can be used to precisely locate hot water pipes in drywall constructions, for example. Thanks to the visualisation on the thermal image, the risk of drilling into the pipes in the course of additional work is reduced. When locating the pipes, it is important to let warm water run through the pipe for a brief period first. A few minutes later, the temperature difference will then become visible on the surface of the wall or floor.

Note: If the floor or wall coverings or the pipes are too well insulated, the heat may not penetrate through to the surface and will therefore not be displayed on the thermal image. By contrast, underfloor heating systems rely on heat reaching the surface of the floor, and these will therefore show up well in the thermal image. The use of thermal imaging cameras will not only save you time, but also reduce the potential risk of causing even greater damage.

Painting and plastering work

Whether you're carrying out work on interiors or exteriors – the thermal measuring tools from Bosch will help you in your work when it comes to designing and maintaining buildings. Thanks to detailed measurements and conclusive information provided in thermal images, you'll be able to quickly locate issues such as damp spots or leaks in walls, since these areas are cooler than dry ones and are therefore clearly visible on the thermal image. This will help you in many respects – for example, if you want to know if paint, plaster or filler on high walls has already dried before you carry out additional work on these.

Alternatively, it can be useful if you want to check whether moisture from condensation has formed on a wall – which in turn indicates a large difference in temperature between that of the room and that of the exterior. The temperature measuring tools can also provide assistance if there is a build-up of mould in a building. The GIS 1000 C Professional infrared thermometer is the expert in this respect, since it can even determine the dew point.

Renovation and maintenance

Precisely for tasks such as renovation and maintenance, it is crucial to quickly determine potential differences in temperature. Only with this information can you make realistic plans and determine the specific measures to be taken. The temperature measuring tools from Bosch show you exactly where things need to be done. Leaky or defective insulation results in energy losses and consequently has a negative impact on energy efficiency. With the thermal trio, you can quickly reveal these weak points and deal with them as necessary. One particular benefit for customer communication is the documentation process involved, which simply takes place through intelligent device linking: If an old building needs to be subsequently optimised via interior wall insulation, for example, you can present the customer with an effective before and after comparison.

Even water that has penetrated into flat roofs or construction faults that result in damp walls or leaks can be quickly and easily identified under the right conditions. If interior wall insulation has not been installed properly, for example, condensation may seep into the wall. The consequences of this can include mould and moisture damage, since there will be leaks in the vapour barrier and the components will therefore no longer be able to be protected against the damp. The Bosch temperature measuring tools can detect damp areas such as these, since damp spots are cooler than dry ones.

Important note: For a check to yield reliable results, there must be a difference in temperature between the exterior and interior. Furthermore, thermal images should ideally be taken directly after rainfall, when moisture is still present.

Property market

The thermal measuring tools from Bosch serve as practical assistants for real estate agents, both when it comes to assessing property and for verifying a building's energy efficiency. With the aid of thermal images, the condition of a house can be visualised quickly and easily. This helps in cases such as when advising prospective buyers on-site, to highlight, for example, that windows and doors are well insulated and that no additional investment is required here. Thanks to the free app and software, all thermal images can also be easily documented for both estate agents and customers.

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