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GNH 18V-64 M Professional

Cordless Wood Nailer

GNH 18V-64 M
GNH 18V-64 M

Quick and precise fastening: finish nailer with single and contact firing modes

  • Maximum freedom – no air hose, compressor or expensive gas cartridge needed
  • Wood protection by preventing blank firing with empty nail magazine
  • Easy activation of firing modes through intuitive User Interface (HMI)

Functions & key features

 describes the diameter & wire gauge of the brad nail to be used in the nailgun.
Collation angle 20°
 The user can chose between single activation mode and contact (“bumpfire”) activation mode.
 Shows the user that the nailgun prevents blank firing when the nail magazine is empty, thus avoiding damage to tool & workpiece.

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GNH 18V-64 M Professional

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GNH 18V-64 M
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Technical data

Additional data

Nail diameter 1=6 mm
Nail length 32 – 64 mm
Battery voltage 18.0 V
Nail/Staple type Finish nail
Collation angle 20 °
Triggering system Full sequential actuation + contact actuation with automatic reversion
Weight excl. battery 2.9 kg
Magazine capacity 105 Pcs
Compatible nails/staples Bosch nails, Other
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GNH 18V-64 M

GNH 18V-64 M Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The GNH 18V-64 M Professional with single and contact firing modes is the mobile solution for quick and precise fastening of different materials. The cordless nailer is operated without any expensive gas cartridge - just insert the battery and you are ready for work. When the nail magazine is empty, the workpiece is protected from damage by dry-fire lockout. The GNH 18V-64 M is equipped with an intuitive User Interface (HMI) for easy activation of firing modes.

Equipment & Application

It is the ideal choice for trim work on base boards, window and door casings, chair rails, and staircases and mouldings made of softwood (i.e., pine), hardwood (i.e., oak, maple, birch) and composite trim materials. It is compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V batteries and chargers (Professional 18V System).


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