BA 3.7V 1.0Ah A Professional

Battery Pack

Continuous power supply for enduring jobs

  • Rechargeable during operation, it features continuous power supply and contributes to sustainability
  • Li-ion technology ensures long battery runtime
  • USB-C-Type™ connector provides flexible charging options by various 5 V power supplies
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BA 3.7V 1.0Ah A Professional 1 608 M00 C43

BA 3.7V 1.0Ah A Professional

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Order number: 1 608 M00 C43

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  • USB-C™ Cable

Technical data

Additional data

Weight, approx. 0.03 kg
Suitable for GLM 50-22, GLM 50-25 G, GLM 50-27 C, GLM 50-27 CG
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 1 Ah
USB Charging Connection USB-C™
Charging time 80 % < 110 min
Charging time 100 % < 195 min

BA 3.7V 1.0Ah A Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The Li-ion battery BA 3.7V 1.0Ah A Professional ensures continuous power supply and is perfectly suitable for enduring tasks. While equipped in Bosch laser range finders, the BA 3.7V 1.0Ah A Professional is rechargeable during operation, making spare batteries unnecessary and reducing waste caused by old ones, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. Its Li-ion technology enables long battery runtime and provides a stable performance even at low temperatures. With its USB-C-Type™ connector, the battery can be flexibly recharged by various 5 V power supplies like PCs, power banks, and conventional power supply plugs.

Additional Information

It is compatible with Bosch´s laser range finders GLM 50-22, GLM 50-25 G, GLM 50-27 C & CG Professional.

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