18 Volt system

GLI 18V-1900 Professional

Cordless Jobsite Light

GLI 18V-1900

For the best lighting conditions, at any time of day

  • Work at any time of day: Excellent lighting due to cordless, powerful LED with up to 1900 lumens
  • Ready to use all day long: Battery runtime of up to 8 hours
  • Quickly and flexibly adapted to all work situations: 5 settable positions and a 5/8" tripod thread
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Functions & key features

Uniform illumination over a large area due to very powerful LEDs
1900 lumens
High versatility for perfect illumination thanks to two brightness settings
Runtime 8 h with 5.0 Ah battery
Inclination angle 120°

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GLI 18V-1900 Professional

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Technical data

Additional data

Battery voltage 14.4–18 V
Weight excl. battery 1.6 kg
Luminous flux 1,900 lm
Max. operating time 14.4 V 80 mins/Ah
Max. operating time 18 V 100 mins/Ah
Number of brightness levels 2
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