Line lasers

GLL 3-80 C Professional

Line Laser

GLL 3-80 C

Visibility on a new level in 3 x 360°. Simply Connected.

  • Very precise CAL Guard monitoring and remote-control use with Bluetooth®-connected smartphone app
  • High visual clarity is provided by high-powered diodes
  • 3 x 360° lines allow simultaneous horizontal and vertical levelling applications for highly efficient work
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Functions & key features

 Get connected – personalise your tool and exchange information with your App. Enables fast connection of tool and Bosch Power Tools App for easy access, customisation, maintenance and asset management.
3 x 360° Laser lines
CAL Guard warns, if one of the three following cases have occurred: 1) The measuring tool suffered a severe shock (e.g. impact after a fall) 2) The measuring tool was stored outside of the storage temperature range 3) The calibration interval (every 12 months) has expired
Dual power source
Working with receiver for higher working range

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  • with 4 x battery (AA), adapter
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with 4 x battery (AA), adapter

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Technical data

Additional data

Working range with receiver, value 120 m
Dust and splash protection IP 54 *** (***except for the lithium-ion battery and AA1 battery adapter)
Battery voltage 12
Working range, value 30 m
Laser diode Line: 630 - 650 nm, < 10mW
Operating temperature -10 – 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 – 70 °C
Laser class 2
Working range up to 30 m
Working range with receiver up to 120 m
Accuracy +/- 0.2 mm/m*/** (*for the four horizontal intersection points ; **plus use-dependent deviation)
Self-levelling range ± 4°
Levelling time 4 s
Power supply 12 V Li-Ion battery, 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
Operating time (max.) 8 h (Li-Ion) and 6 h (4 x AA) in 3-line mode
Tripod thread 1/4", 5/8"
Weight, approx. 0.9 kg
Colour of laser line red
Projection 3 x 360° line
Compatible laser receivers LR 6 + 7

GLL 3-80 C Professional: Further information

Product Highlights

The line laser GLL 3-80 C Professional is simply connected and projects 3 x 360° lines for excellent visibility. Innovative CAL Guard monitoring and a Bluetooth®-connected smartphone app allow for remote-control use as well as contactless adjustments and high precision. High-powered diodes ensure high visual clarity while its 3 x 360° lines allow simultaneous horizontal and vertical levelling for highly efficient work.

Equipment & Application

This line laser is developed for building floors, installing windows, mounting shelves,laying drainage pipes, building framework for drywall, and laying tiles.

Additional Information

Due to the GLL 3-80 C Professional's Dual Power Source, it can be operated both with 12 V Li-ion battery and with standard alkaline batteries for added flexibility. It is capable of levelling itself on non-level surfaces up to +/- 4° in less than 4 seconds with excellent precision of ± 0.2 mm/m*/** and has a working range of up to 120 m when using the optional LR 6 or LR 7 Professional receiver. This line laser is compact, easy to handle, and extremely robust.

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